About Us


The 80's featured lots of good stuff including great surf but the wetsuits were scraping the barrel. It was then that Cuan Cronje, founder of Lizzard began sewing his own wetsuits in his garage. Lizzard was founded in 1991 and from the beginning, every garment and accessory has been crafted with attention to detail and functionality at the forefront. For those of you who have never put feet to wax, here are a few tips to help you play the part. Surfers never wash their bodies, and their hobbies include talking about the weather like over qualified meteorologists. But Lizzard isn't just a Brand for surfers, it's for everyone.

THE 90's

Since the 90's, Lizzard has branched out making streetwear, skatewear, cycling kit, snow gear and the ladies branded range Lizzy. Recently, Lizzard has been faced with the danger of climate change as our planet gets hotter and the oceans get deeper. As a result, this is the place to get the download of all things sustainable. Here at Lizzard, we are running the gauntlet and breathing new life into waste by using it to create some of our garments too. Our tees are made of recycled products, using 9-12 plastic bottles that otherwise would have ended up in the ocean.


Over and above our sustainable clothing range, we've chosen to partner with Breathe, an NPO that strives to live deeply but lightly. Breathe is now selling our eco-friendly flasks and tumblers. These guys are made from great quality stainless steel and they're double walled flasks which means they will last a lifetime and you'll never have to use another plastic cup again.


Without the Lizzard community, we would never be where we are today so thank you for sharing the stoke and journeying with us in our war against waste. Hit us up on our site if you have any questions or if you'd like to show us some love.
P.S. Thanks for supporting local.